Course summary (1)

Below is the List of Contents taken from the course summary that is available as a PDF-download from the next page.

1          Introduction

2          Exploration and production wells

    2.1        Overview of selection process

    2.2        Corrosion considerations

    2.3        Carbon and low-alloy steels – Selection to resist environmental cracking

    2.4        Carbon and low-alloy steels – Mitigation of metal-loss corrosion

    2.5        Corrosion-resistant alloys (CRAs)

    2.6        Accessories

3          Injection wells

    3.1        General

    3.2        Drilling and clean-up

    3.3        Injection service

    3.4        Gas injection

        3.4.1     Dry (dehydrated) hydrocarbon gas

        3.4.2     Water-wet hydrocarbon gas

        3.4.3     CO2 injection for EOR or CCS

    3.5        Water injection

    3.5.1     Deaerated seawater

    3.5.2     Deaerated low-sulphate seawater (LSSW) and similar

    3.5.3     Minimally-treated (raw) seawater

    3.5.4     Produced water re-injection (PWRI)

    3.5.5     Mixed waters

3.6        WAG and SWAG injection

        3.6.1     WAG (water alternating gas) injection

        3.6.2     SWAG (simultaneous water and gas) injection

    3.7        Other injectates

4          Dual-function (production-injection turnaround) wells

Appendix 1:      Background information sources

Appendix 2:      Elastomers

Appendix 3:      Gas-phase partial pressures

Appendix 4:      Carbon and low-alloy steels to resist environmental cracking – Details

Appendix 5:      Water-injection well completion materials – Consolidated summary for ‘deaerated’ and anoxic waters