Course summary (2)

Below is the Introduction to the course summary that is available as a PDF-download from this page.

This document outlines of the content of a short Training Course that has been delivered to ‘open’ and ‘in-house’ audiences over recent years.  The target is Petroleum Engineers and others involved in the selection and specification of downhole metallurgy.  The course provides a structured approach to the selection of casing, tubing and accessory metallurgy for oilfield exploration, production and injection wells.  The methodology is also applicable to geothermal wells.  As a short course cannot instil multi-disciplinary expertise, the aim is that participants should understand, and be comfortable managing, the selection process.


Reference resources are problematic.  No suitable text detailing a downhole selection methodology is known.  The extensive literature on downhole metallurgy and corrosion is fragmented making extraction of a broad understanding laborious; for occasional users the literature is intimidating and sometimes unhelpful.  The training course attempts to ‘fill the gap’ by proposing a logical selection-methodology as summarised in this document.


The proposed methodology makes use of industry standards (and similar) from API, ISO, NACE, Enform, NORSOK and others; these and other sources (eg SPE) are identified in the text and listed at the end of the document.  Appendix 1 identifies some more general background sources on well design and construction, metallurgy and corrosion that may be helpful.


A note on elastomers is provided as Appendix 2; beyond this, elastomers are not addressed.


Finally, it is intended to improve and extend this document.  Constructive comments, etc to that end will be appreciated.

Edward Wade,
13 Nov 2015, 08:54